Why choose between our bestselling flavors when you can try them all for one great price? Our MacSweetie’s Cocktail and Soda Syrups are inspired by the bitters, elixirs, sodas, and penny candies offered by 1800s-era pharmacies and five & dimes to customers looking to quench their thirst, cure what ailed them, and satisfy their sweet tooth. Now, you can enjoy them by the splash, spoon, or jigger to recreate the classic flavors of yesteryear in your next refreshing beverage! Our Cocktail Syrup Bestsellers Set includes one each of the following flavors: Red Hot Cinnamon, Orange n’ Cream, Black Licorice, and Cherry Cola.

Our Cocktail Syrup Bestsellers Set contains four 8 fl. oz. (236 ml) bottles.

No artificial ingredients. Preservative free. Gluten free.

Handmade in small batches. Packaged in an allergen-free facility.