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If you’ve been seeking out RogersMade’s exclusive line of handcrafted packaged foods, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re looking for more Stomp and Holler Hot Sauce, Bee in Your Bonnet Infused Honey, Tiny House Southern Seasoned Grits, Hearth and Pantry Canned Goods, or Siren Spice Seasoning Blends, we’ve got you covered.

Hearth and Pantry Quality Canned Goods are based on our favorite classic canning recipes of yesteryear. The entire collection of preserved foods has been carefully crafted with the finest all-natural ingredients to ensure that every jar is bursting with exceptional freshness, as well as the bold, fruit-forward flavor you crave. Our allergen-free jams, jellies, and preserves are meticulously prepared – just like our grandparents taught us – in small-batches to ensure unparalleled quality. Stock your shelves with our Hearth and Pantry canned goods, and you can enjoy your favorite just-picked flavors year-round!

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Since 2013, Bee in Your Bonnet Gourmet Honey Products has been using the highest quality honey, ethically sourced from certified beekeepers. This pure, golden honey is used as the base (instead of the commonly-used high fructose corn syrup) for all Bee in Your Bonnet items – creating delicious, one-of-a-kind condiments that you can feel good about using.

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Presenting Stomp and Holler: spicy sauces that pack a peppery punch and powerful flavor into every single drop. Crafted with organic ingredients and nothing artificial, you can be assured that every bottle of Stomp and Holler is filled with only the good stuff. A delicious, all-natural, go-to hot sauce for any time, any dish? Now, that’s something to stomp and holler about.

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The unique lineup of The Tiny House Fine Southern Foods products was inspired by a deep, abiding love for the ingredients and flavors of down-home Southern cooking. So easy to prepare, these delightful, delicious food items will be right at home at your own breakfast, lunch, and dinner table. Make The Tiny House Foods a new family meal tradition in your house!

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At Siren Spice Company, we combine the best culinary ingredients from around the world into unique and purposeful seasoning blends for your table and pantry. Our unique collection of rich spices and seasoning blends will allow you to confidently explore global cuisines, as well as recreate timeless classic dishes in your own home with ease. Spice up your everyday cuisine with Siren Spices!

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